About Us

De Wet Drainage is a company specialising in agricultural water management and ground preparation, as well as other civil works. (land levelling and land forming, various plough techniques as well as soil drainage systems.)

Koos de Wet, the owner of De Wet Drainage is a farmer for over 30 years and ground preparation expert since 1987.

In 2015 his son, Johan de Wet, farming since 2007, joined the fast expanding business. Johan has an honours degree in BCom Agricultural Economics at the University of Free State and is passionate about the technological components of the business.

We are a small team of trained individuals, ensuring every project we complete is of the best quality and highest standard.At De Wet Drainage, we will ensure that the knowledge and experience we have is harnessed to help farmers to improve their soil status.

We offer solutions to get the best out of your crops and vineyards by using the right implement for the required task.

We save the client time and money, and will ensure the job gets done according to the client’s and ground’s request.

De Wet Drainage, your partner in healthy soil.

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