Frequently Asked Questions

Will the drainage pipe block after a period of time?

The Soil-Max Gold Digger is designed to lay pipes at an exact angle, no matter the ground contour, thus the obstructions can be washed out easily. The gradient is determined by the soil type.

Why are you not using drainage material around the pipe?

After years of research the Tile Plow has been designed to limit disturbing to the soil, favouring natural draining.The Tile Plow lays the pipe in compacted ground. Nature is not disturbed in any way, as the no filter material from the earth is needed.

Why use the Tile Plow to lay drainage pipes instead of the conventional way?

More cost and time effective.

Cost effective

Conventional: 110mm pipe = R250 – R350 per meter


Tile Plow: R125 per meter (Pipe, fuel and labour included)

Conventional: 160mm pipe = R300 – R350 per meter


Tile Plow: R175 per meter (Pipe, fuel and labour included)

Time saving

Conventional: 100m in 8-10 hours

Tile Plow: 100m per 30minutes (Pre-rip included)

Biggest advantage: More surfaces can be drained at the same cost, that leads to bigger profit and less input costs.

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